Pete Doherty Welfare Fund launched by fashion website

  • 18 April 2008

Discount fashion website today announced it's to set up a 'Pete Doherty Welfare Fund'. It's aim is to help the troubled singer get back on his feet when he gets out of jail in late July.

'Pete's incredibly talented and as a musician he brings a lot of joy to people's lives,' said Stefano Passantino, the site's founder. Yes, I'm a businessman, but I'm also a huge fan who wants to see this gifted bloke given every chance to get back on his feet.

'I'll do what I can to help Pete leave the bad stuff behind him. I'll give him a job, feed him, clothe him – but I won't wash him, that's asking too much.'

The Pete Doherty Welfare Fund will be generated from a percentage of sales of stripey tops by labels like Peter Werth, Bench and Religion, which will be heavily discounted for 14 weeks - the length of Pete's prison sentence.

This news comes on the same day that Doherty was segregated for his own safety at Wormwood Scrubs prison, over fears that other inmates were planning to attack him.

Pete Doherty

The usual unpredictability and undeniable charisma from the Libertines/Babyshambles man trying to keep his nose clean.

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