Richard Slee: Work and Play

Richard Slee: Work and Play

London-based ceramic artist Richard Slee to exhibit at Glasgow’s Tramway

The work of renowned ceramicist-cum-contemporary artist Richard Slee will grace a Glasgow gallery for the first time since 2009 with Work and Play, a touring exhibition that has so far visited Carlisle’s Tullie House.

The artist, whose wry sculptural works draw obvious comparisons with Jeff Koons and Grayson Perry, has selected pieces from the last decade that examine key themes in his practice. The most recent pieces are those rendered partially in blown glass, such as 'Stadium' and ‘Net’, both of which were created in 2013.

Slee explains: ‘The two main themes that emerged were 'Work and Play'. ‘Work' is represented in the show by pieces such as 'Hammers' (a collection of over 100 different hammers with brightly glazed ceramic heads and wooden handles placed in an industrial bin as if just manufactured) and ‘Play’ by works such as 'Trophies' (nine ceramic emblematic shapes based on old carpet beaters mounted on black bakelite bases arranged to form themselves into a visual game and pun). Most of the ‘Work’-associated objects are rendered futile.'

Though the works fall roughly into these two distinct conceptual categories, the show will not be arranged by subject or date; something the artist hopes will blur the boundaries between work and play.

Tramway Sat 6 Feb–Sun 20 March.

Richard Slee : Work And Play

Work by one of Britain's foremost ceramic artists, demonstrating the fluid boundaries of 21st century ceramic practice.

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