Charlie Lawson threatens to throw phones out train windows

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  • 20 January 2016
Charles Lawson

Charlie Lawson

'Coronation Street's Charlie Lawson has admitted his biggest pet peeve is when people talk really loudly on their phones when they're in the quiet carriage on the train

Charlie Lawson threatens to throw commuters' phones out the window of the train when they're gossiping too much.

The 'Coronation Street' legend has admitted there's nothing that annoys him more than when people get in the "quiet carriage" and immediately whip out their devices for a chat.

Calling in to Radio 5 Live, he told show host Nicky Campbell: ''What really winds me up is the quiet coach from Macclesfield to London Euston, the quiet coach clearly says no smoking and no use of the mobile phone.

''And my big bug bear is the guys who just get on and get on their phones. I won't tolerate it - I take their phone and ask them 'Do you want me to throw it out the window?'

"I can't stand it. You know what we are like over here, we don't complain about things. If there is something wrong I will point it out. They sit there and there is a sign with a great big X through a mobile phone and they still persist."

The 56-year-old actor, who played bad boy Jim McDonald in the ITV soap for 11 years, believes the inconsiderate people only do it because they're trying to "prove a point."

He added with a huff: ''I don't know whether it's small penis syndrome or whatever, who the hell do they think they are ? What are they trying to prove?"

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