Quentin Tarantino: All of my movies are connected

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  • 20 January 2016
Quentin Tarantino at the Gloden Globes

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino has revealed that all the characters from his movies - which has included the likes of 'Pulp Fiction', 'Kill Bill' and 'The Hateful Eight' - are connected in some way or another

Quentin Tarantino has confirmed all his movies are connected.

The legendary filmmaker has revealed his whole back catalogue of films - which include 'Pulp Fiction', 'Kill Bill' and his latest release 'The Hateful Eight' - all exist in the same universe.

He said: "There is actually two separate universes. There is the realer than real universe, alright, and all the characters inhabit that one. But then there's this movie universe. So 'From Dusk Till Dawn', 'Kill Bill', they all take place in this special movie universe. So when all the characters of 'Reservoir Dogs' or 'Pulp Fiction', when they go to the movies, 'Kill Bill' is what they go to see. 'From Dusk Till Dawn' is what they see.

"I don't want to say it point blank 'boom!', but if you're a fan of my work and are familiar with it you could be a bit of a detective."

However, the 52-year-old director didn't want to divulge too much information about specific links to keep up the mystery surrounding his movies.

He added: "I will say that there is one character amongst the eight that is related to one of my other characters in one of my other films.I can't explain the relation because that would tip my hat a little bit too much.

"The only other clue I can give ... is that the actor was originally cast as that character in the other film but they weren't able to do it due to a scheduling conflict."

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