Stephanie Davis' boyfriend Sam Reece is 'heartbroken'

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  • 19 January 2016
Stephanie Davis and Sam Reece

Stephanie Davis and Sam Reece

Stephanie Davis' boyfriend Sam Reece is reportedly "heartbroken" that the former 'Hollyoaks' actress is getting close to Jeremy McConnell on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Stephanie Davis' boyfriend Sam Reece is "heartbroken" by her flirty antics on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The former 'Hollyoaks' star has been seen getting close to Jeremy McConnell during her time in the house, with the pair even sharing a sneaky kiss in recent days, despite the fact she has been dating the hunky model for over a year.

A source said: "Sam's very upset. He's heartbroken and devastated. He can't quite believe what he's been watching on 'Celebrity Big Brother'. He didn't expect in a million years to see what's been happening with Stephanie.

"When he said goodbye to her going into the house, he thought this was just going to be a wonderful experience for her, but he's just really shocked now."

However, despite his shock and upset, Sam - who previously took to Twitter to withdraw his support for the 22-year-old beauty during her time on the show - isn't turning his back on their relationship.

An insider added to the MailOnline: "Steph and Sam are one of the strongest couples going. It would take far more than this for them to split up.

"Their relationship is so strong and they trust each other implicitly, it is hard with Stephanie being away but Sam is waiting for her when she comes out.

"The amount of social media interaction Sam has been seeing has meant he has decided to step away from Twitter for the time being.

"He knows their relationship is strong and that there is nothing to worry about. Stephanie is naturally a very tactile person and is very loving, warm and affectionate.

"Sam knows this is in her nature and it is why he is not worried about the rumours circulating."

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