Hannah Spearritt to play drug addict in Casualty

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  • 19 January 2016
Hannah Spearritt

Hannah Spearritt

Hannah Spearritt will join 'Casualty' later this month as a penniless drug addict

Hannah Spearritt is set to play a penniless "drug addict" on the run from the law when she joins 'Casualty' this month.

The former S Club 7 singer, 34, has signed up to portray single mother Mercedes Christie in the BBC One medical drama and has warned that her alter-ego will touch a nerve with viewers after her hard outer shell starts to crumble.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: "She's really exciting to play. She's a little bit of a drug addict. She's recently - like in the last five months - split up with her boyfriend for reasons to do with debt. So she's alone, she's got a kid, she's out of pocket and the debt collectors are after her. She's not totally a bad person but she's pushed into the situation because of her circumstances.

"She's going through the park to try and sell her jewellery, which is probably worth about 2 pence, and then she spots a window of opportunity to get some money - she's a manipulator, basically. I'm in and out of hospital all the time. Then I'm on a drug raid, then on a drug sort of drop off and the police get a tip off and come after me."

The blonde beauty, who is currently residing in Wales to shoot for the show, spends most of her scenes with McKenzie 'Big Mac' Chalker (Charles Dale) but is overwhelmed by how welcoming the whole cast has been.

She explained: "I absolutely love it and the atmosphere is really nice. Everyone makes me feel so welcomed."

Hannah will appear in 'Casualty' from January 23.


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