Alan Fletcher asked for weird advice from fans

Neighbours' Alan Fletcher has admitted he's asked by male fans for advice of their "nether regions" because they mistake him for his alter-ego Dr Karl Kennedy

Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher is often mistaken for a real doctor.

The 'Neighbours' star has played womaniser Dr Karl Kennedy in the Australian soap opera for 21 years and, although he's just an actor playing a medic, he has admitted people often ask him to diagnose their embarrassing issues.

He explained: "The only time I'm asked stuff is by young men - and then they're usually asking about their nether regions."

And it looks like the 58-year-old actor is set to be bombarded with even more bizarre questions soon, as he's planning to spend more time in the UK after 'Neighbours' was given the go-ahead to air episodes in Britain, which was originally several weeks behind, at the same time as Australia.

He told Inside Soap magazine: "It's a huge deal for the cast because we're very social media-orientated in terms of promotion. So now when we do Twitter takeovers once a week, it means we're talking n sync with everyone.

"Also, our UK success is the reason 'Neighbours' has lasted so long, and it's always felt wrong to not be up to date."


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