Paul Anderson relied on co-stars

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  • 17 January 2016
Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson

The cast of 'The Revenant' relied on one another to get through the tough conditions of the movie

Paul Anderson says 'The Revenant' cast relied on "each other" on set.

The survival and revenge story, which is set in the American wilderness in 1823, saw the actors film outdoors in cold and wet climates for many months, and the cast - including Paul, Leonardo DiCpario,Tom Hardy, Domnhall Gleeson and Will Poulter - were deprived of home comforts and a warm studio.

Speaking from the red carpet of the European premiere in London's Leicester Square, Paul told BANG Showbiz the all-male cast became "a strong bunch of friends" through the sheer lack of modern amenities.

He said: "There was like eight of us guys, we became a good strong bunch of friends you know... Every part of it was a challenge to be honest. It really was because we weren't shooting in a studio. We didn't have all those things around us that studios have, like clean toilets, or warm lovely warm rooms that you can sit in and keep yourself dry. We never had any of that. It was stripped bare, I mean all we had was each other."

Paul and his co-stars spent nine months in gruelling conditions and in below minus 30 temperatures, but he still hasn't seen the finished movie.

Asked if it was worth the hardship, he said: "I haven't seen the film, this is the first time I've had a chance to see it tonight. I've been very busy, so I haven't managed to see it, but I'm sure it was worth it."

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