Brett Anderson: Suede polarised people's opinions

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  • 15 January 2016
Suede's Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson doesn't want Suede to be known as a "heritage band" who just play their hits as he is proud that they've always been alternative and "rubbed people the wrong way" in the 90s

Brett Anderson thinks Suede "rubbed people the wrong way" in the 90s.

The 48-year-old singer - who is gearing up to release the band's next LP 'Night Thoughts' - is proud that his band has always been alternative and he wants to keep pushing artistically with the band

Talking about the band's heyday, he said: "I like that we polarised people's opinion in the 90s. We rubbed people up the wrong way.

"We got booed at the NME Awards when we won Best Band.

"But for every person out there who loved us there was someone out there who hated us.

"I am OK with that and happy for that to continue with this album as it just proves Suede are never anyone's second-favourite band."

And the 'Bloodsports' hitmaker is proud of his band for not following "the herd" and insists he never wants to be just another "heritage band" that just plays their old hits live.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, he said: "We've never sat with the herd and that is great. We came back. Not as a heritage band but as a current band that has pushed things even further with this new record. I don't see that as a weakness. I think that's pretty commendable."

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