Johnny Vegas' mistaken identity prank

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  • 11 January 2016
Johnny Vegas

Johnny Vegas

Johnny Vegas once mooned a group of people who thought he was Peter Kay

Johnny Vegas tries to get Peter Kay in trouble when he is mistaken for him.

The 'Benidorm' actor is often approached by people who believe he is the 'Phoenix Nights' star so he gets up to outrageous antics in his name, including once mooning a group of people.

He said: "I do get mixed up with Peter all the time. But I have a bit of fun with it. I was in a glass lift the other day and I pulled a moonie. I got out and there were some people standing there and they were like: 'It's you, isn't it?' and I said: 'Yeah, I'm Peter Kay.' "

And Johnny's identity has even been known to start arguments, as he explained: "I did have a situation the other day when I spent ages trying to convince a woman that she hadn't seen me in concert at the MEN Arena.

"Her husband was like: 'It wasn't him!' and it got more and more heated between them before in the end I had to go: 'Listen, was it Peter Kay?' and he was like: 'Yes, I'm sorry, she hasn't got a clue!'"

Another comedian Johnny sometimes gets mistaken for is Ricky Gervais but Johnny doesn't think Ricky will be pleased as the 'Office' star has slimmed down in recent years.

Johnny told the Daily Star newspaper: "I don't know what it is with London and scaffolders, but I also get called Ricky Gervais.

"I don't think Ricky would be very happy with that. He's made a lot of lifestyle changes and has slimmed down."

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