Noel Gallagher's career plan

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  • 11 January 2016
Noel Gallagher at Burnt premiere

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher insists he won't stop making music until no one shows up to his gigs

Noel Gallagher will continue working until no one shows up to his gigs.

The Oasis frontman has no plans to make his exit from the music industry just yet and insists he'll be on stage until there is no audience members at his concerts.

When asked if he would be sad if he wasn't well known anymore, he said: "No. So long as I could still work. But I'd keep working until I did a gig that nobody turned up to and then I'd say, 'This is not just f***ing working anymore.' So there you go - I'm both."

And whilst most stars insist they haven't been changed by fame, the 48-year-old musician is hopeful the success has made him a better person.

He told The Sunday Times' Style magazine: "When people ask, 'Has fame changed you?', the s**t answer is 'No, of course it hasn't.' I always say, 'I hope it f***ing has!' Nobody could go through what I've gone through and not be changed. But the key is to recognise it.

"I go back to the same council house I grew up in to see my mum - she still lives there, my single bed is still in the same room with Liam's single bed - and I sit on that bed and think, 'This is where I played guitar for the first time.' But I'm not a professional working class person, and I can just as easily sit in my big house down here and think, 'This isn't because of anybody else it's because of all the practice I put in.' And I love it."

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