Creed director Ryan Coogler: Rocky was Star Wars for street kids

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  • 9 January 2016
Ryan Coogler

Ryan Coogler

'Creed' director Ryan Coogler says when 'Rocky' was created in 1977 it was like 'Star Wars' but for the "underdog"

'Creed' director Ryan Coogler thinks 'Rocky' was like the 'Star Wars' for street kids.

The 29-year-old filmmaker - whose handling of the latest installment of the 'Rocky' franchise starring Michael B. Jordan has earned him much critical acclaim - was a huge fan of the original 1977 film during his formative years in California, and thinks it was a film for the "underdog", unlike the sci-fi franchise which came out the same year.

He explained: "I was born in 1986. And 'Rocky' was always around. 'Rocky' was like 'Star Wars' for the street."

The franchise - based on famous boxer Rocky Balboa - has spawned seven movies compared to George Lucas' original series having eight under its belt with a ninth on the way.

However, the sci-fi franchise isn't the only blockbuster family that the director thinks 'Rocky' is comparable to.

He also believes Balboa is like the British spy James Bond, who is seen "struggling" to get to grips with his age in 2014's 'Skyfall.'

Coogler added: "Balboa, like Bond in 'Skyfall', is struggling with age. The one thing that people are afraid of as they get older is losing friends and the relationships that define you. That is where we see Rocky at."

Meanwhile, Coogler revealed he drew on his father's experience with illness as inspiration for the film.

He told The Guardian newspaper: "My inspiration with this film was my relationship with my dad. My father was Rocky in real life. He was so strong and I associated his masculinity with physical things. But then he got sick and I realised that this is not what makes you a man; it's whats on the inside. With Rocky it is the same thing."

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