Celebrity Big Brother's eviction shock

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  • 7 January 2016
Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis

'Celebrity Big Brother's Jeremy McConnell, Scotty T and Stephanie Davis have to choose three of their fellow housemates to face eviction tomorrow after successfully completing a task

'Celebrity Big Brother's Jeremy McConnell, Scotty T and Stephanie Davis have to nominate three of their fellow housemates to face the first live eviction tomorrow.

The actress, reality TV star and handsome model have been hit with the difficult tasks of choosing the first three celebrities to face the chop at the end of the week as a reward for successfully unlocking Danniella Westbrook, Darren Day and John Partridge from the barren room.

After the trio, who have been dubbed "the most annoying housemates" by the rest of the group, dug through 1,500 keys to find the correct one to unlock their fellow pals, they were told to go to the Diary Room at once to hear their prize.

Big Brother said: "Jeremy, Stephanie and Scotty T. Congratulations! Today you have successfully liberated the Big Brother House. It has been unboxed.

"But not only that, you liberated John, Darren and Danniella from their box. You must be feeling pretty happy?"

Sensing the conniving tone in Big Brother's voice, axed 'Hollyoaks' star Stephanie, 23, replied with concern: "Yeah, but not from the sound of your voice I'm not."

Big Brother added: "Just imagine how happy they'll be when they find out that because you completed the task, they won't have to nominate this week.

"You three are going to make a killer nomination and each housemate you choose will face the public vote."

The celebrity to be given the boot, after just three days in the infamous house, following the least amount of public votes will be announced during Friday night's (08.01.16) episode.

Danniella, John and Darren are immune from the vote.

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