Music books for Christmas

  • The List
  • 27 November 2006

Pet Shop Boys Catalogue Philip Hoare and Chris Heath (Thames & Hudson) Popists, design heads and PSB completists alike will drool at this visual documentary of the output the greatest pop duo ever to have walked God’s clean earth.

I Was There: Gigs That Changed The World Mark Paytress (Cassell Illustrated) A simple premise, take 250 legendary gigs, provide some atmospheric photography and one eye-witness account for each. From The White Stripes in Texas to Led Zep in London, you might not have been there but this is a compelling history of the landmarks in live music.

R Crumb’s Hero’s of Blues, Jazz and Country R Crumb (Harry N Abrahams Inc) A truly beautiful piece of work from the underground comic great, a series of Crumb illustrated trading cards depicting the heroes of the blues, early jazz greats, and the pioneers of country.

Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album Matthew Robertson (Thames & Hudson) On a similar tip to the PSB’s tome, the genius of Peter Saville - designer of everything from the cover of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ to the Factory Record’s Christmas card - is celebrated in this expansive exploration of the Factory Records visually spectacular back catalogue.

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