Creed director Ryan Coogler wants to make Hamilton movie

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  • 7 January 2016
Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan

Ryan Coogler with Michael B. Jordan

'Creed' director Ryan Coogler has revealed he wants to make a movie version of hit Broadway hip hop musical 'Hamilton' - which was created by Lin-Manuel Miranda

'Creed' director Ryan Coogler wants to helm a Hollywood adaptation of the hit Broadway musical 'Hamilton'.

The 29-year-old filmmaker - whose handling of the latest instalment of the 'Rocky' franchise starring Michael B. Jordan has earned him much critical acclaim - was wowed when he saw Lin-Manuel Mirand's ground-breaking hip hop production about the life of 18th Century Founding Father of the United States Alexander Hamilton, who acted as the chief staff aide to General George Washington.

Coogler admits he would love the chance to bring the show to the big screen, but is sure every other director in Hollywood also wants the job.

Variety quizzed Coogler on whether he could take on a film adaptation of 'Hamilton', to which he replied: "I think anyone who ever picked up a camera would. That's all people are talking about in California right now."

He added: "It was really amazing to see this play that takes two things, hip hop and the American Revolution - things that you would think wouldn't have anything to do with each other - but they actually fit each other like a glove."

The musical is based on the biography of the same name by historian Ron Chernow which tells the true story of the life of Alexander Hamilton who went from being an orphan growing up in the Caribbean to one of the most powerful and influential figures in American history before being killed by his former friend Aaron Burr.

Coogler believes he would be perfect for the job because he can give a fresh outlook on the way in which historical dramas are depicted on screen.

He said: "I'm taking a new approach and a new passion to looking at history - specifically American history.

"You look at the idea of the underdog, the idea of people feeling like they are being overlooked ... And the short-sightedness that revolutionaries could have at times."

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