Jeremy Piven: Mr Selfridge ending was bittersweet

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  • 7 January 2016
Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven says filming the final scenes of 'Mr Selfridge' was bittersweet, but insists the cast felt a "nice feeling of accomplishment" too

Jeremy Piven found shooting the last scenes of 'Mr Selfridge' a "bittersweet" experience.

The 50-year-old actor stars as Harry Selfridge in the programme, which comes to an end with its fourth series, which premieres on Friday night (08.01.16).

Speaking about filming the end of the show, which also stars Katherine Kelly and Tom Goodman-Hill, Jeremy said: "All the actors in the show are so overqualified for their roles - they're so brilliant - and they're all going off and starring in other things. Life goes on and we had an incredible run.

"There was a really nice feeling of accomplishment with all of us, and now we are all moving on. But it was bittersweet - there was sadness as well."

During an interview on 'Good Morning Britain' on Thursday (07.01.16) live from Los Angeles, Jeremy was asked if he had managed to take any souvenirs from the set to remember the show by.

He replied: "Because I was a guest in your lovely country the last thing I wanted to do was steal things and then leave. I wanted to finish cleanly, respectfully and then leave your glorious country."

But when he was pushed for an answer, Jeremy joked: "I stole my desk and two couches - lets be honest. And £100,000 and I robbed nine banks and then I left town!"

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