Lucy Mecklenburgh wishes Louis Smith's dog was 'more loving'

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  • 7 January 2016
Louis Smith doing Petsercise

Louis Smith doing Petsercise

Louis Smith has revealed his girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh wishes his pet husky dog Luna was a "more loving" pet and not so "crazy"

Lucy Mecklenburgh wishes her boyfriend Louis Smith's dog was "more loving".

The former 'TOWIE' star has had her issues with Louis' husky Luna with the excitable mutt once giving her a nip on the hand and generally ignoring her commands.

British Olympic gymnast Louis insists the two ladies in his life now get on great but Lucy's efforts to make Luna more of a cuddly pet have failed.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz to promote his new Petsercise doggy fitness video for pet insurance company MoreThan and Wagglepets, he said: "Lucy wants my dog to be more loving, more of a cuddle up on the sofa dog but my dog is not like that, she's more active and she's a very independent dog - she'll sit on the other side of the sofa, that's what my dog is like. I think that's what huskies are kind of like really, they're very active I have to my dog on at least two or three walks a day."

In the 11-minute video Louis leads two pooches - Gift, a border collie, and Titch, a Jack Russell - through a series of six gruelling workouts, such as short sprints, squat throws and a figure-of-eight routine with the mutts as they run in and out under his legs.

The 26-year-old athlete hasn't attempted to try Petsercise with Luna because she is just "too crazy" to carry out the activities for a treat.

He said: "My dog is just too crazy to do this, seriously! I could coax her probably through half the steps but if she knows she isn't going to get that treat then she's off. I think Petsercise works better with a more obedient dog. I've done a lot of research on YouTube to train her but it's so hard, she's too mental!

"I have got her trained with a little whistle, actually. When I walk her if I blow the whistle she comes back and gets a little dog treat. I have to walk her about three times a day and if there's a puddle I have to try and avoid it because she'll roll around in it and she'll make a right mess! She's crazy but I love her."

Louis, MoreThan and Wagglepets developed Petsercise so it could be used by pet owners at home following new research that indicates one in three dogs in the UK are overweight and the regime has been released to coincide with Dog Obesity Awareness Week which runs from January 1st to the 7th.

Go to YouTube ( to watch Louis doing Petsercise.

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