Minnie Driver's secret lover

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  • 17 April 2008

Minnie Driver

The father of Minnie Driver's unborn baby has been revealed.

Minnie is reportedly expecting her first child with musician Craig Zolezzi, who she has been secretly dating for some time.

A source told Life and Style Weekly magazine: "They've been dating under the radar for more than a year. I think they made it exclusive when Minnie found out she was pregnant.

"She is telling friends she couldn't be happier that they are going to have a baby!"

The actress, who lives in Los Angeles, is said to be enjoying a long-distance relationship with San Francisco-based Zolezzi.

Zolezzi already has a son, Caden, from a previous relationship.

Minnie confirmed her pregnancy on a US TV talk show earlier this year, but refused to reveal who the father was.

She said: "I figure, I'm the public person, and he can stay private."

The 38-year-old star is believed to be expecting a girl and is due to give birth in August.

A source said: "She wasn't planning to find out the baby's sex in advance, but she has a feeling it's a girl, so she's going with that feeling for now."

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