Madonna's embarrassed daughter

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  • 17 April 2008

Madonna's embarrassed daughter

Madonna's daughter is embarrassed by her mother's dress sense.

The 'Material Girl' singer - who turns 50 later this year - is happy to slob around at home in a comfortable tracksuit, much to 11-year-old Lourdes' horror.

Madonna - who is married to director Guy Ritchie - said: "I'm happy to muck around in a pair of a drawstring pants and wellies but my daughter gets angry because I go to school wearing my tracksuit. She says, 'Can't you just wear normal clothes?'

"I think she wants me to be a yummy mummy but that's not me. Guy will sometimes laugh at what I wear, too."

Madonna recently admitted she was a "geek" when she began her career.

The '4 Minutes' singer - who was known for her raunchy image when she hit the music scene in the early 80s - insists people had the wrong idea about her and she was well-behaved.

She said: "I really was not getting up to much. I don't think I was as naughty as I could have been. I was quite straight. I was a geek when I was that age. I did not really do that much that was interesting."

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