Boy George: Everyone in make-up got a record deal over me

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 January 2016
Boy George

Boy George

Boy George revealed he struggled to get noticed in the music industry and it felt like every oth

Boy George says "every other person in make-up" got a record deal before he did.

The 'Karma Chameleon' hitmaker enjoyed huge success with his new-wave-pop outfit Culture Club in the '80s, but revealed they struggled to get noticed among other singers who wore eyeliner and had an androgynous style.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, he said: "When I started my band I could not get signed. Every other person in make-up got a record deal. I could not get signed, it was like 'what's wrong with me?'. And then it happened by accident, it was like one happy accident after another and I had a career... But there's no rules about any of these things anymore, you've just got to fight for it."

The 54-year-old star - real name George Alan O'Dowd - thinks pop-music is now as unpredictable as a "headless chicken" and he is glad to be a coach on BBC talent show 'The Voice', because it gives artists a platform to showcase their talent.

He mused: "On Youtube there's records that I've never heard of but have got like, 60 million hits. We live in a different age now. That old relationship that people had with artists and music, it just doesn't exist. So what is a star, what's a hit, what's a chart, you know? For me, pop music at the moment is like a headless chicken.

"What 'The Voice' does is it gives people an opportunity to be on telly, with millions of people watching you, and then what you do with it... you know that saying? 'It's your attitude not your aptitude that governs your altitude.'

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