Brie Larson: Being a generous actor is so important

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  • 5 January 2016
Brie Larson

Brie Larson

Brie Larson knew that building a strong relationship with 'Room' co-star Jacob Tremblay was "incredibly important to the experience of making the movie"

Brie Larson loves "being a generous actor".

The 26-year-old actress stars alongside child star Jacob Tremblay in upcoming movie 'Room', in which she plays his mother Ma in the tale of a mother and child trapped in a basement by their captor.

Brie knew that building a connection with Jacob was incredibly important to ensure the film was a success, and thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of the movie making process.

She explained: "I agreed to do this movie, I agreed to take responsibility for this child. It wasn't just going to be that once we yelled 'cut' that my job was over. Building a real relationship and a deep friendship with Jacob was incredibly important to the experience of making the movie. So it was important for him so he could feel comfortable, and it was important to me as well that we really had such a close connection, that there was a lot to work with. A lot of space for the two of us to play.

"I really love being a generous actor. I think for me it's the greatest thing, is to be a good listener, and this is just turning the volume up on being a good listener. Some of my own performance and my own preciousness with my performance had to be put aside in order for everything to be for him."

'Room' is based on the best-selling book by Emma Donoghue, and Brie was a fan of the story as soon as she picked up the novel.

She added to Deadline Hollywood: "I read the book in a day, and could not put it down, and just cried at so many points, particularly at the escape sequence, and felt so much anxiety. I was so invested in them as these two characters. That was the beginning of it."

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