Acoustic Ladyland - album review (4 stars)

Acoustic Ladyland

Skinny Grin (V2)


Propulsive, compulsive, repulsive, impulsive and explosive; Acoustic Ladyland aren't your average band, but then this isn't your average record. Pete Wareham and his associates' mutual dislike of the expected conventions of jazz music has driven the quartet to search out a sound which is theirs and no others. Somewhere between disjointed NYC no wave (James Chance guests on this bad boy), Miles Davis' wanton and brutal early 70s jazz-rock fusions and some truly poetic and poignant Ian Dury-esque atmospherics this is a startling and comforting record, often on the same tune. There's plenty of hardcore jazzheads much further out musically that this gang, but the style, precision and black humour that they apply to their tunes is what makes this so impressive.

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