Bill Bailey's Hawaiian Christmas

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 December 2015
Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey and his family and friends enjoyed an Hawaiian-themed Christmas in 2014 with themed shirts and garlands

Bill Bailey enjoyed an Hawaiian-themed Christmas in 2014.

The British comedian opted to have a themed big day last year - but has revealed it nearly turned into a disaster.

He explained: "We decided to have a themed Christmas. We went for a Hawaiian theme. We had the whole works. We had Hawaiian shirts, the garlands, glassware."

Asked how the big day unfolded, Bill said: "It was nearly disastrous because some friends came round and they brought a trifle. They left it outside because it was hard to carry and said: 'Oh Bill, there's a trifle outside in a big glass bowl.' So I picked this trifle up and just then one of the dogs got out and ran through to next door's garden.

"So I thought if I can get round to the front garden and lock the gate I'll be able to shut him in, 'cos otherwise he'll run off. And I thought I really don't want to spend this day chasing a flipping dog around, particularly as I was dressed in full Hawaiian gear.

"So I ran, stupidly - that's my Christmas message: don't run with a trifle - and I caught my toe on a bit of raised kerb and I launched myself horizontally into the air, holding the trifle aloft like some kind of totem, and it smashed down in the flowerbed, earth went in my nose, my hand started bleeding, the trifle was ruined, the dog ran off and all the guests came out and waited a polite amount of time then collapsed in laughter."

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