Jamie Oliver: I love women who eat heartily

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  • 29 December 2015
Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

TV chef Jamie Oliver has admitted he fancies women who eat heartily

Jamie Oliver fancies women who eat heartily.

The 40-year-old chef - who stars alongside his pal Jimmy Doherty in the new Channel 4 show 'Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast' - has admitted he's attracted to women who don't mind getting food smeared on their face.

Jamie said: "Fearne Cotton's delicious and she's a hearty bird. She's gorgeous and glamorous, my missus loves her.

"She likes a laugh and she's bright. She was a proper giggle. I love girls who get bread and dip it in stuff and they don't mind a dribble coming down."

Goldie Hawn and Anna Friel also star in the series - and both women impressed the celebrity chef.

He told The Sun newspaper: "Anna Friel did this film where she was beaten up with cuts all over. I like gnarly girls that don't mind getting amongst it.

"And Goldie was everything I wanted and more. We've had three great rustic girls this year. They ticked all the boxes."

Jamie also revealed the identity of his dream guests.

He admitted: "Beyonce and Jay Z are massive foodies, so I need to pass on a message!

"Adele would be dreamy. She's always been a secret crush of mine. She's amazing."

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