Bill Bailey's Mexican-themed Christmas

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  • 28 December 2015
Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey has revealed he'd love to hold a Mexican-themed Christmas

Bill Bailey would like a Mexican-themed Christmas.

The 51-year-old comedian has admitted he would like to mark the special day by doing something out of the ordinary, like wearing a sombrero and eating burritos.

Asked if he'd like to have a themed Christmas, he said: "Yeah, Mexican. I think Mexican would be fun. You know, the whole sombreros, margaritas, tamales, burritos - just go the full works."

Bill also recalled the strangest gift he's ever received on December 25.

He said: "One of the strangest was a knitted praying mantis, which is a beautiful thing. It was a big praying mantis, but knitted. It was beautifully made but really quite disturbing.

"When I got it, I was in a hotel and I just sort of got into the room and put it down by the bed and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, this thing was there and I jumped out of my skin. I'd completely forgotten it was there."

And Bill explained that the unusual gift can still be found in his home.

He said: "It's in the house somewhere. I bring it out now and again to scare people."

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