Katy Perry plans to experiment

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  • 28 December 2015
Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is looking forward to being more experimental and worrying less about other people's opinions in her work next year

Katy Perry wants to "experiment" in 2016.

The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker has vowed to be even more creative in the next year by trying out new things, including with her style, having recently completed her 'Prismatic World Tour'.

She said: "Next year I just want to let go a little bit more and - how can I say this as elegantly as possible - give less f**ks about outside commentary.

"I want to experiment with being creative and artistic."

Katy is hoping to think more about herself as an artist as she embarks on creating her next album and will stop worrying about what other people think of her so much.

She added: "Really tapping into the artist that I am and presenting that in styling. I will look less for people's approval."

All-in-all, the 31-year-old star - who released her fourth studio album 'Prism' in 2013 - explained she has simple hopes for next year as she just wants to stay happy and healthy.

She said: "It's really simple: it's just continued health for my family, happiness, togetherness and get-alongness."


1. Klaus Geltl30 Dec 2015, 3:41am Report

And absolutely right she is!! I never thought she's worried too much about other people's opinions, but if Katy thinks she has to upgrade her mental independence artistically then I fully stand by her!

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