Amphetameanies, The - album review (3 stars)

The Amphetameanies

Now! That’s What I Call . . . The Amphetameanies (Flotsam & Jetsam)


There are clearly not enough nonets around these days (in fact how bloody great a word is ‘nonet’ anyway?) and the ‘Meanies do things at their own pace (leisurely) and in their own style (boisterous). Among their current fold are Mick from Belle and Sebastian and John from Datapanik and their alumni include Alex Kapranos (née Huntley), who had a hand in writing a couple of these tracks.

While Lily Allen gleefully pisses on the entire notion of ska currently this mob know their history, clearly holding the shuffling roots of the genre dear. This is a more than one-dimensional Trojan tribute however, with a clutch of vocalist on hand and enough brass to start a colliery band, theirs is a varied, potent brew.

It’s the sense of humour combined with an ear for thunderous, war cry chorus and unashamedly, upbeat melody that carries them through their more derivative moments. You can’t help but wish you were hearing these songs live rather than on record, such is their energy, but that’s a tribute to the quality of the band’s live shows. This is for those quiet evenings in skanking round your living room.

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