Danny Dyer doing lots of 'boozing' over Christmas

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  • 22 December 2015
Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer has admitted he's planning to guzzle down a lot of alcohol over the Christmas period away from 'EastEnders' because he doesn't get to do it normally

Danny Dyer will be doing a lot "boozing" over Christmas.

The 'EastEnders' star - who is known for playing loveable pub landlord Mick Carter in the BBC One soap - is looking forward to some downtime with his family over the festive season when he can guzzle down alcoholic beverages, relax in front of the TV and snuggle on the sofa with his children.

He told TV Choice magazine of his Christmas break: "It will just be a lot of laying around, eating and cuddling, smiling and laughing and there will be plenty of boozing."

And it's hardly surprising that the 38-year-old actor is counting down the days until he can have a break from the camera as he feels his working day is never ending.

He said recently: "It's like your day don't end. I finish at 8 o'clock sometimes, I get home, my kids jump all over me and obviously I get the script out, so sometimes the missus says, 'You're obsessed with that 'EastEnders'. I want to get that done and have a bit of dinner, give her a bit of time."

And Danny, who joined the soap at the end of 2013, is still trying to find the work-life balance to ensure he learns his lines but still spends quality time with his fiancee Joanne.

He said: "I've got 33 pages to learn, I've got to get it done before I get my nut down. I'm like, 'I've to learn the dialogue, what do you want me to do? What, you want to sit and have a girly gossip in the kitchen?'

"You know what I mean?! I've got to bang the dialogue out. Once it's done, then I can relax."

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