Deadmau5 deletes Twitter after Justin Bieber rant

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 19 December 2015


Deadmau5 has deleted his Twitter and Facebook accounts following a rant he posted about Justin Bieber on Thursday (17.12.15)

Deadmau5 deleted his Twitter and Facebook accounts after a rant he posted about Justin Bieber on Thursday (17.12.15).

The Canadian DJ - whose real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman - said "F**k social media" in a final word to fans before he shut down his online pages.

In his last Twitter post, he raged: "F**k 'social media'. The only thing it's useful for is promoting, advertising, and more advertising. As far as being a human being on social media, forget about it. You're just another number we can all add into our little follower count, that ultimately adds up to NOTHING I require to make music."

But the action came hot on the heels of a video rant in which he blasted fellow Canadian musician Justin Bieber and called the 'Sorry' hitmaker out for not writing his new album 'Purpose'.

He reportedly said in the Facebook video: "I can accept that his album is probably good. What I'm mad about is that none of this is [his] ... What did you do? Oh, you sang on it. Well, you know, I can credit you for having to be able to hold a pitch on two syllables throughout an entire 75-minute album."

Meanwhile, earlier this week the 'Strobe' DJ revealed he sneaked out of hospital to play a gig, after he was diagnosed with an infection of the lymph nodes.

He wrote on Twitter: "Literally snuck out of hospital, hopped on a jet, played a show for Red Bull, getting back on jet, going back to hospital. Such lols."

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