Fleur East: My success still hasn't sunk in

Former 'The X Factor' contestant Fleur East isn't taking her success for granted and constantly pushes herself to be better

Fleur East

Fleur East photographed by John Gribben for Disorder magazine

Fleur East "still feels the same" despite her incredible chart success.

The 28-year-old singer was the runner-up on the 2014 series of UK television talent show 'The X Factor' and has since wowed fans with her debut single 'Sax'. But Fleur admits the magnitude of her new found fame has yet to hit her.

She said: "It's weird, but despite everything that's happened I still feel the same. Nothing's sunk in for me. All this craziness is happening around me, but I still feel exactly the same which is really weird."

Fleur's single 'Sax' charted at number 3 in Britain when it was released in November, beaten only by Adele's 'Hello' and Justin Bieber's 'Sorry'. Her album 'Love, Sax and Flashbacks' looks set to be a top seller this Christmas, but Fleur isn't sitting back and relaxing now she has found success.

She added to Disorder magazine: "I'm well busy and it's nice to have the status, but I'm quite hard on myself and I know I have lots of work to do. I feel like I'm just starting out."

The stunning star has become something of a household name thanks to her unique sense of style, incredible figure and energetic dance routines. But Fleur insists she still can't get used to people recognising her.

She laughed: "It's really strange because some times people are like 'oh, hi Fleur!' and I'll assume that they know me from somewhere, like from my area, and then I have to remind myself that it's obviously from the show but yeah I'm still adjusting to that that's strange."


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