Richard Blackwood tips EastEnders for NTAs success

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  • 17 December 2015
Richard as Vincent in 'EastEnders'

Vincent Hubbard

Richard Blackwood thinks 'EastEnders' will wipe the floor with its rivals at the National Television Awards next year

Richard Blackwood thinks 'EastEnders' should "hoover up every award" at the National Television Awards 2016.

The 43-year-old actor - who plays bad boy Vincent Hubbard in the BBC soap - very boldly tipped the show to triumph over its competitors and says he feels "privileged" to be a part of it.

Speaking at London's Soho Hotel for BBC's 'EastEnders' Christmas Launch, Danny told TV presenter Gabby Roslin: "NTAs 'EastEnders' should get a hoover and hoover up every award.

"And I am not just saying that because I am in the show. There's one thing that Dom [producer] will tell you about me, I am very privileged to be in the show however long I am supposed to be there I am privileged for that."

Richard - who is the step-brother of supermodel Naomi Campbell - owes his success to talented writers and those who work behind the scenes and said viewers are going to be "blown away" by the forthcoming episodes over the festive period.

He said:"Even when I auditioned, I said, 'whomever gets this role, it's going to take them to a different level'.

"I think sometimes when you're a punter and you watch the show, you don't realise how great the writers are.

"Sometimes even when you're in a scene, you're too caught up in the moment. Then when you see it actually play out, you go, 'oh my God, these writers are on a different level'.

"To be part of this alongside legends and the brilliant people behind the scenes is very surreal. You're going to be blown away."

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