The Tennent's Mutual aims to democratise gig going in Scotland

  • 15 April 2008

The Tennent's Mutual, a new live music property for Scotland, was launched today by Tennent's and the team behind Triptych who plan to put on a series of shows in October and November 2008.

Working with a start-up fund from Tennent's of £150,000, music fans will be given the power to decide democratically and collectively exactly how this money is invested.

Founding members -- those who sign up before 30 June -- will select artists, debate locations for gigs and call the shots on ticket prices by interacting as a community and voting for their preferences online. The organisers will pick from the list of acts nominated and try and put bills together that fans want, in the places they demand and for the right ticket price.

The Tennent's Mutual will be a not-for-profit enterprise. No booking fees will be charged for any shows involved and ticket income will be ploughed back into its central fund, creating a self-generating amount that will grow and continue to create yet more live events.

George Kyle, head of sponsorship at Tennent's, said the aim behind The Mutual is to establish an alternative model for sustainable live music provision, which gives gig-goers genuine control.

The bands topping the leader board in the first few hours are a happily eclectic bunch, with !!!, The White Stripes, Battles, A Tribe Called Quest and Found. To get involved, register visit

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