Mason Noise reveals threats from One Direction fans

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  • 16 December 2015
Mason Noise

Mason Noise

'X Factor' reject Mason Noise has revealed he's received threats from One Direction fans

Mason Noise has received threats from One Direction fans.

The 'X Factor' reject has admitted he's been abused by ardent fans of the British boyband ever since he referred to Liam Payne as a Harry Styles "backing singer" on social media.

He said: "There were loads of comments. I had a few people say that I made their night and I had some people say there's a special place in hell for me, but I kind of knew that already.

"I got told to kill myself by 12 year old girls. I didn't expect it. Just like you would banter your lads in the pub, it was a funny thing."

Mason also joked that he's taken to wearing protective clothing because he's fearful of the backlash.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I went shopping today and I got a stab-proof vest and I wear that around now."

Despite this, Mason has insisted he doesn't harbour any ill will towards the chart-topping band, which also features Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson.

He said: "If they're on the radio I'll sing along. I'm guilty of that. They're great guys."

Mason also revealed why he didn't attend the 'X Factor' final at Wembley Arena, saying producers failed to provide him with a twin hotel room for him and his manager.

He said: "They didn't get back to us about accommodation. I think the day before I still couldn't sort it, so, I was just sat eating some ice cream on the sofa.

"I wasn't going to come on my own. I just wanted to be with my management. I just wanted a twin room. That was it. I'm not a diva."

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