James Cameron's Avatar update

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  • 14 December 2015
James Cameron

James Cameron

James Cameron has given an update on the 'Avatar' sequels, revealing he is "just refining" the scripts and design process

James Cameron is "just refining" the scripts for the 'Avatar' sequels.

The director of the highly-anticipated films, which are expected to start hitting cinemas in 2017, has revealed he is close to finishing the script and design process for the sequels to the 2009 movie and wants to prove the first film "wasn't just some big fluke".

He told Entertainment Weekly: "I'm in the process of doing another pass through all three scripts right now ... Just refining. That's in parallel with the design process.

"The design process is very mature at this point. We've been designing for about a year and a half. All the characters, settings and creatures are all pretty much [set]."

Meanwhile, Sigourney Weaver previously teased her character would be making a return in the sequels, despite being fatally wounded in the first movie as she claimed "no one ever dies in science fiction".

She shared: "I just know I'm playing a really cool character so I'm kind of working on it to the extent of what I know. We haven't started (filming) yet, but when we do, we'll all probably disappear off the face of the earth for a year and a half."

Avatar 2

  • 2021
  • US
  • Directed by: James Cameron
  • Cast: Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington, Cliff Curtis, Oona Chaplin, Stephen Lang, Joel David Moore
  • UK release: 17 December 2021

The first in a series of four planned sequels to the highest grossing film of all time. The oceans of alien planet Pandora are the setting for the continued romance between human Jake and alien being Neytiri.

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