Faithless' low expectations

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  • 13 December 2015
Faithless' Maxi Jazz

Faithless' Maxi Jazz

Faithless admit they are "shocked" people still want to see them live and find it "kind of crazy" that they still have fans

Faithless are "shocked" people still want to see them live.

The British electronica band recently played a few dates across the UK and admit they were shocked anyone actually came to see them perform.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the BBC Music Awards, Maxi Jazz said: "After such a long time, you wonder how many people are going to show up! I think people had gotten over it, long time. But it appears not.

"And that was really shocking, to see people going for it this summer the same way they were going for it like sixteen years ago. It's kinda crazy!"

And Sister Bliss also opened up about the group's latest remix album, 'Faithless 2.0', revealing they started "ringing round" to get people to remix their songs.

She explained: "I mean remixes, like our own music, it goes across genres. We've been bootlegged lots of times so it's quite nice to cure any of our own versions of remixes so, because I've been a DJ for 25-30 years, I crossed paths with a lot of people, had relationships with them, or people we admire along the way and people who said they had been inspired by Faithless.

"So we just started ringing round saying, 'Would you be up for remixing our tracks?' There is so much variety and strength in dance music at the moment, it's amazing to think we were kind of there pretty near the beginning of it."

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