Samuel L. Jackson's life-long career

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  • 11 December 2015
Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson insists he will never have a career away from the film industry as he feels too "settled" to change jobs now

Samuel L. Jackson would never want a career outside the film industry.

The 'Snakes On A Plane' actor insists he will always have a job that somehow relates back to movies, as he feels "settled" knowing the industry he works in.

He told Interview magazine: "Once you settle and you start doing something else to augment what you want to do, you end up doing that settle thing. So that was never an option for me.

"I built sets, I hung lights, I did all kinds of stuff to stay in a theatrical situation so when my audition time came, nobody was asking me, 'Well, who's going to wait my tables?' I never did any of that.

"I was always in the theatre - I might have been backstage or up in the rafters somewhere, but I was there. Somebody would say, 'Good luck,' not, 'When are you going to be back?'"

Meanwhile, the 66-year-old star previously revealed he isn't bothered about winning awards, particularly Oscars.

He shared: "Some people only do movies that are meaningful and that are going to come out during Academy Awards season, but I'm not that person. I've done enough work now not to worry about getting an Academy Award.

"When I got nominated for 'Pulp Fiction' I kept going to all of these f***ing award shows and I wasn't winning and it's kind of like, 'God damn, what is going on?' By the time we got to the Academy Awards I thought to myself, 'Maybe they'll get it f***ing right this time'. When they didn't call my name I just went, 'S**t!' and everybody in TV-land read that on my lips and they said that I was the first and only person to have an honest reaction to not f***ing winning."

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