Surface Noise

  • The List
  • 4 September 2006

Surface Noise

Music news

Returning to the real world post-Festival madness, The List has spotted bloody millions of perfectly fine live pop concerts coming your way between now and Kwanzaa (or Christmas for all you non-African Americans out there). For starters, in the ‘by god, how is he still standing’ stakes, we have The Pogues, who roll into town for two nights at Carling Academy on 11 and 12 December. Similarly riotous will be the MTV Gonzo Tour which brings together The Young Knives, The Grates and The View on one (presumably very cramped) Barfly stage in Glasgow on 22 October.

Less raucous, but no less entertaining, the Godfather of Soul himself James Brown will be here to make us feel blessed at Carling Academy on 25 October.

Going from porn to pop is a career few have succeeded in, but former adult cinema the Classic Grand in Glasgow is to reopen on 13 October as a live music venue. Check out next issue for a full run down of all the venue developments over the summer.

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