Art preview: Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival, Filmhouse and Summerhall, Edinburgh

Art Preview: Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival, Filmhouse and Summerhall, Edinburgh

Rachel Maclean, A Whole New World, 2014

Inagural festival features artists Rachel Maclean, Stina Wirfelt and Torsten Lauschmann

Organised by a group of BA Intermedia Students from Edinburgh College of Art, the inaugural Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival is a more than credible celebration of provocative and challenging filmic work which lingers longer on the video art-based side of the medium than the cinematic. Across the four days of the event – three evenings at the Filmhouse and a one-day selection at Summerhall - there’s also a well-curated group of experimental shorts, helping set this mini-festival apart from Edinburgh’s more extensive, feature-based counterpart in June.

Each day at the Filmhouse will focus on a different experimental video artist from Scotland, with a specially commissioned text to accompany the screening and a Q&A session with the artist directly afterwards. On Wed 9 the focus will be on the Glasgow-based Stina Wirfelt, who has been shown at the Embassy in Edinburgh and Transmission and SWG3 in Glasgow, and who uses her films in broad-ranging commentary upon the city; ‘Tame Time’, for example, looks at the Glasgow area of Dalmarnock as the 2014 Commonwealth Games approached.

On Thu 10, the German-born, Glasgow-raised artist Torsten Lauschmann will be the subject, with his eclectic and often disorientating blend of found footage, music, computer graphics and performance. Fri 11, meanwhile, presents one of Edinburgh College of Art’s most well-regarded recent alumni, Rachel Maclean, whose highly referential green screen effects films like ‘Over the Rainbow’ and ‘Lolcats’ throw the artist herself in with an imagined pop cultural world.

Each of the above includes a selection of shorts, while the Summerhall event includes the Embassy Gallery’s ‘Move Me’ group screening, an open panel discussion on the theme of ‘artist moving image in Edinburgh’, and a group screening from the Borders-based Moving Image Makers Collective, selected by Edinburgh International Film Festival’s short film programmer Lydia Beilby.

Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival is at the Filmhouse and Summerhall, Edinburgh, Wed 9 to Sat 12 Dec.

Edinburgh Artists' Moving Image Festival

A celebration of international video art and experimental film, taking place over four days, with special screenings of work by Stina Wirfelt, Torsten Lauschmann and Rachel Maclean.

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