Chris Chittell hints at Emmerdale exit

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  • 8 December 2015
Chris Chittell

Chris Chittell

'Emmerdale' actor Chris Chittell has hinted 2016 could be his character Eric Pollard's last year in the fictional village

Chris Chittell has hinted he could leave 'Emmerdale' next year.

The 67-year-old star has portrayed soap stalwart Eric Pollard in the ITV show since 1986 but admitted if his character fails to get over his wife Val's (Charlie Hardwick) tragic death then his 30th year could be his last.

He said: "We've seen a lot of people offer Eric care and support over the past few months, and now he has to go one way or another.

"He's going to have to move on from Val's tragic passing at some point - or 2016 might end up being his last year in Emmerdale."

Eric is still feeling down following Val's death in August after a helicopter crash which rocked the village, and it looks set to be a bleak Christmas for the character.

Chris explained: "There will be no Christmas without Val as far as Eric is concerned.

"The sooner it's over and done with, the better.

"For him it's a waste of time, a waste of money - and as long as he can keep himself in whisky, he'll be fine."

To add insult to injury for Eric, he ends up outside in the cold at Christmas chasing his dog around after the mischievous mutt steals one of Val's shoes.

Chris added to Inside Soap magazine: "Eric's dog Cheryl goes running out of the house with Val's shoe in her mouth.

"So there Eric is, out in the street in his dressing gown in the middle of winter, trying to find this wretched dog and retrieve Valerie's shoe."

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