Paddy McGuinness wants a lie-in

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  • 8 December 2015
Vernon and Paddy

Vernon Kay and Paddy McGuinness

Paddy McGuinness would shun a lavish gift in favour of some extra sleep this Christmas

Paddy McGuinness wants a lie-in for Christmas.

The 'Take Me Out' presenter - who has two-year-old twins Leo and Penelope with wife Christine - admits he'd turned down a lavish gift in favour of some extra sleep.

Asked what Paddy most wants for Christmas, his friend Vernon Kay said: "It's gotta be a day off."

Paddy replied: "I'm gonna give you that. If I had a choice between a Lamborghini on my drive or a lie-in, it would be a lie-in!"

The two stars put their friendship to the test in the KFC Friendship Bucket Test, and while Paddy didn't know his pal's best party trick was his "fierce Mick Jagger impression", he rightly guessed Vernon's most embarrassing moment happened during his modelling days.

He said: "Being a male model, there must have been some moment like 'Zoolander', where you were in tinfoil underpants or something like that. Gotta be."

Meanwhile, the 'Family Fortunes' presenter correctly guessed Paddy's worst fashion disaster involved his hair.

He mused: "I think he saw himself as a Peter Andre-type character, I'd say either the puffa jackets or his long mop of hair."

Paddy replied: "I've had a perm, I've had streaks, I've had streaks in a perm, can you imagine it?"

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