The Osmonds: Rock stars got all the credit for our stage tricks

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 December 2015
Jimmy, Merrill and Jay Osmond

Jimmy, Merrill and Jay Osmond

Pop veterans The Osmonds say rock stars like Pink Floyd, David Bowie and Mick Jagger used their stage and video tricks, and got all the credit for them back in the 70s

Pink Floyd, David Bowie and Mick Jagger stole The Osmonds' stage and video tricks and made them "cool".

The American band - which originally included Donny, Marie, Jimmy, Merrill, Jay, Alan and Wayne - say they never got the "credibility" they merited when they first came up with their pioneering ideas.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Jimmy Osmond - who now tours with remaining band members Merrill and Jay - said: "We were the pioneers of the pyrotechnics because we always produced pyro shows and we'd have flash pots and Co2 in all of our videos. And again, never any credibility for it. And then Pink Floyd comes out."

The group once "flew Donny on cable" at a gig in London's Earl's Court, but again, feel they didn't get the credit they deserved for the innovation.

Although it's a common theme in today's stadium gigs, back then the 'Crazy Horses' singers - who play the 'Andy Williams Christmas Spectacular starring The Osmonds' at the O2 on December 16 - were annoyed by the subsequent reaction to their onstage antics.

Jay, 60, said: "They said we were too slick. And then Mick Jagger comes out and does the same thing about a year later."

Jimmy, 52, added: "That (Donny on cable) was before anybody else did it. And everybody thought it was cheesy when we did it.

"But when David Bowie did it everybody thought it was earth changing. And then Mick Jagger did it!"

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