Peter Capaldi will miss laughs on Doctor Who with Jenna Coleman

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  • 7 December 2015
Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman

Peter Capaldi with Jenna Coleman in the TARDIS

Peter Capaldi admits he will miss having a "laugh" with his 'Doctor Who' co-star Jenna Coleman now she has left the show - on which she played companion Clara Oswald for four years

Peter Capaldi will miss having a "laugh" with Jenna Coleman on the set of 'Doctor Who' now she's left the show.

Jenna's companion character Clara Oswald was brought back from the dead by the Doctor in the series finale 'Hell Bent' which aired on Saturday (05.12.15) and was seen at the end of the episode flying off in her own TARDIS with Maisie Williams' immortal alter ego Ashildr.

Although Peter - who plays the titular Time Lord - is looking forward to getting a new co-star, he admits Jenna will be sorely missed because she was so much fun and they had become such good friends.

Speaking to the Christmas issue of Radio Times magazine about their final scenes together, he said: "I found it really sad, Jen's a great girl and a great actress. I used to love being in the TARDIS with her, we'd just have a laugh. That's all I want out of work, to have a nice time, while playing the most iconic character in the history of British television!"

The 57-year-old actor also revealed Jenna will definitely not be making a surprise appearance in the Christmas special 'The Husbands of River Song' - which sees Alex Kingston return as River song and Matt Lucas and Greg Davies guest star.

He stated: "She's gone. She's history."

Giving away some plot details for the festive adventure, Peter added: "The main thing is, it's very Christmassy. The monster is lovely ... it's like a big Christmas toy. There's a flying saucer in it, too, which is great. (When they meet) River won't be convinced it's him (the Doctor), she thinks he's only got 12 regenerations."

Jenna recently echoed her co-star Peter's kind words admitting she is going to miss working with her "great friend" above anything else now she's departed 'Doctor Who'.

She said: "It's such an unlikely friendship but we are really similar and we love each other. He is a lovely man and a really great friend and it isn't every day you get that ... It is very strange, it's been my life for the past four years, so it is going to be very strange without time travel and a TARDIS and a best friend who is an alien."

Jenna, 29, will next bee seen be playing a young Queen Victoria in ITV series 'Victoria'.

'Doctor Who' festive special 'The Husbands of River Song' will air at 5:15pm on BBC One on Christmas Day (25.12.15).

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