Mary Berry will never 'get over' son's death

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  • 7 December 2015
Mary Berry

Mary Berry

TV presenter Mary Berry has admitted she will never "get over" the death of her son in a car accident in 1989

Mary Berry will never "get over" the death of her son.

The 80-year-old TV presenter lost her son William in a car accident in 1989, but says the strength of her support network was crucial in helping her to cope with the unexpected loss.

Marry, who has been married to her husband Paul since 1966, said: "When our William was killed, there wasn't a child bereavement charity.

"I was extremely blessed with a very close family, wonderful friends, a supportive husband and two further children.

"So often when somebody dies in the family, whether a child or a parent, there is no one to lean on. When something like that happens you go into a shell, but on the other hand it's a really good thing to talk it over and say how you feel."

Mary has since become a patron of Child Bereavement UK, which offers support to people who have lost their loved ones, and she thinks such bodies are vitally important.

She told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper: "If you could meet someone who is in the same situation as you, which you can through Child Bereavement UK, you feel as though you are not alone. The one thing is not to be silent. You can always help people by getting them to talk to you.

"The worst thing that can happen is when someone says, 'Oh, you'll get over it.' Of course, you never get over it. You have the most wonderful memories and you live with it."

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