Daniel Radcliffe was two hours late for Victor Frankenstein filming

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  • 3 December 2015
Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe

Hollywood star Danielle Radcliffe has revealed he turned up two hours late on the first day of filming for 'Victor Frankenstein'

Daniel Radcliffe was two hours late on his first day on the set of 'Victor Frankenstein'.

In a joint interview with co-star James McAvoy, the 26-year-old actor told the 'X-Men' star that the cast must have thought he was an "arrogant d**k" for his tardiness.

He admitted: "I was told the wrong time and swanned in two hours late I didn't even apologise. You must have thought I was an arrogant d**k."

And asked which of each other's characters they'd like to play, James said he fancies being the FBI agent Daniel will star as in 'Imperium' next year, because he gets to have tattoos.

James told Daniel in the interview: "I like the sound of your next job."

Daniel responded: "I play an FBI agent that goes undercover and joins some white supremacists."

James contiuned: "How awesome does that sound? He gets to have tattoos and everything. Do you know how many times I've got to have tattoos? None."

But Daniel, 26, added that he doesn't like the fact he had to shave his head for the part.

He told ShortList: "I'm not getting permanent swastikas tattooed. I do have to shave my head, which I'm a bit worried about.

"My scalp has never seen the sun. I'm going to look horrendous."

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