Selina Waterman-Smith claims Apprentice team were 'disingenuous' to her

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  • 3 December 2015
Selina Waterman-Smith

Selina Waterman-Smith

'The Apprentice's Selina Waterman-Smith has lashed out at the producer team, claiming she refused to appear in the spin-off show 'You're Fired' because she felt inadequate

'The Apprentice's Selina Waterman-Smith refused to appear on spin-off show 'You're Fired' because she felt the producers had been "disingenuous" to her.

The 32-year-old businesswoman, who was given the boot by Lord Alan Sugar in last night's show (02.12.15) after failing to make a sale in the property task, has claimed she will never work with the BBC ever again after it released "untrue" stories about her and made her feel inadequate.

Speaking to her fans via an online video, she said: "Basically, I'm not featured on 'You're Fired' this year as everybody knows. That's largely due to some issues I had with the production company on the show, some of the stories they released about me into the press.

"I felt that, not only were they untrue, they were very disingenuous towards me and in light of the fact they won't retract them, I couldn't work with that company any more."

Selina's revelation comes several weeks after she wrote on Twitter, in a since deleted post, that she had "broken contract" by not appearing in the secondary programme.

And, although many fans are sad to see the feisty babe shown the door, one person who is pleased to see the back of Selina is her fellow hopeful Brett Butler-Smythe.

He explained: "She has portrayed herself as a victim who has been neglected by the production team -- but she was the one who was mollycoddled. "

The buff builder has claimed Selina made the fellow contestants' life a "living hell" after she threatened to quit.

He added to The Sun newspaper: "She was going to perform a staged walkout, so the team did everything to make sure her needs were satisfied. She even had a personal cab service from the house to the studio, so she couldn't feel intimidated by others and look weak."

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