50 shades of black: LG OLED and the perfect black

50 shades of black: LG OLED and the perfect black

Director Ridley Scott and Batman trilogy executive producer Michael Uslan explain how LG OLED is the best TV game in town

Forget orange, perfect black is the new black. In the golden age of television, every living room needs to be armed with the capability to match cinematic presentation, this means eye-popping colours and blacks that are truly black instead of 50 shades of grey.

LG Electronics, the world’s first 4K OLED TV manufacturer, has just released four new beautiful sets that have some of cinemas finest connoisseur’s endorsing their performance as the ultimate for colour resolution and unparalleled blackness.

Remarkably, two of these spell-binding displays claim to be thinner than any smartphone on the market today at 4.8mm. Go ahead, pull your phone out and look for yourself. Now imagine your phone two or three millimetres thinner and 100 times bigger. And by the way, your coveted screen resolution just got smoked too.

It’s this leap in television innovation that has directors Ridley Scott (The Martian) and Ana Lily Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night), and Dark Knight trilogy Executive Producer Michael Uslan, hailing LG’s latest 4K OLED TV’s as a ‘game-changer’.

Says Scott, ‘Recently, I viewed some of my films on OLED TV and I was stunned. As you may know some of them have been set in space and what I saw was exactly how it should look, that is, how it looks in the theatre: deep, rich black. The space I always imagine. I’m happy to say that I would love to have all my films viewed on the revolutionary LG OLED TV. It’s the perfect way to watch movies at home.’

Amirpour also believes OLED matches the experience of a dark movie theatre, explaining that perfect black is not simply black, but full of depth and colour. ‘You should be able to see so much in a true black,’ she says.

Uslan goes even further, summing it all up rather nicely: ‘Perfect black creates perfect colour. Perfect colour, ultimately, defines perfect black.’

As living rooms have evolved into the home cinema space many aspire to, when looking for the ultimate screen to experience the best of both the television and movie worlds, you could do worse than take your shopping tips from Ridley Scott, who we reckon knows a thing or two about beautiful pictures.

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1. JOHN T14 Dec 2015, 10:16pm Report

what a prize to win at this time of the year.

2. Walter Yates3 Jan 2016, 5:07pm Report

Michael Uslan - a Director who knows!

3. Wendy Tolhurst4 Jan 2016, 10:49pm Report

Thanks for the chance to win - lovely prize :-)

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