Sinitta: The X Factor's 4th Impact 'never stop'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 1 December 2015


Sinitta has revealed she thinks 4th Impact's Celina Cercado collapsed on 'The X Factor' at the weekend because the girl group "never stop" rehearsing

Sinitta says 4th Impact's Celina Cercado collapsed on 'The X Factor' because they "never stop".

The girl group - made up of sisters Celina, Mylene, Almira and Irene Cercado - were voted off of the singing competition at the weekend before Celina dramatically collapsed, and judge Simon Cowell's close friend and former girlfriend Sinitta has now spoken out about the incident.

Asked if Simon and the other judges told her off for revealing Celina had fainted on Twitter, she said: "They sort of do, but they realise it's important [to tell people]. I think it's just those girls particularly never stop. They don't stop, eat, relax, sleep."

Sinitta added that she thinks the girls felt more pressure than other contestants because they're from the Philippines and wanted to "make their country proud".

She told Mirror Celebs: "It's like old school, like The Jacksons etc. It's like 'God, take a break'. But I think they'll be massive. I thought they'd make the finals."

The 52-year-old singer claimed she would be equally happy to see any of the semi-finalists - Lauren Murray, Che Chesterman, Reggie 'N' Bollie and Louisa Johnson - win the competition.

Speaking about who she thinks will be crowned winner, she added: "It's so hard. I think Louisa is extraordinary and she's so young. I'm kind of happy whichever way it goes."

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