Mariah Carey's fit DVD

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  • 12 April 2008

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is planning to release an exercise DVD.

The 'Touch My Body' singer recently lost around 14lbs and wants to share the secret of how she did it with the rest of the world.

She said: "I might be doing a workout video, which will be fun, so I can show how I achieved my goal. Although I've lost weight I still have my curves!"

Mariah has confessed she made the decision to slim down after seeing photos of herself looking out of shape.

Although she wanted to get fitter, the 38-year-old star doesn't think people should obsess about their weight.

She added: "I think people should be a size that they are comfortable with. The thing with me is that because I am constantly having my picture taken and am on TV I could see that I really did need to lose some of the bulk."

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Mariah Carey

Chart topping multi million unit shifting, five-octave hits machine, R&B diva and pop sensation Mariah Carey.

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