Island Drift: NVA, James Johnston and Alan McAteer

Island Drift: NVA, James Johnston and Alan McAteer

New project promises immersive landscape photography experience

NVA have been creating public art for the last 25 years, using light, sound and movement to transform urban and rural spaces through temporary and permanent installations. This project marks a new point of departure for them, who are more used to ‘performing the landscape’, creating work made to be seen in the spaces where it was made. In contrast, the light installations made by NVA’s creative director Angus Farquhar, designer James Johnston and photographer Alan McAteer for the Island Drift project (with the help of a willing group of park rangers) were made solely to be seen in photographs.

Together over the past year, the artists have created a body of dramatic new work set in Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, exploring the natural landscape through a variety of creative photographic techniques and light interventions. The digital images they produced during this time document the movement of light over large areas of land and water – combining elements of their own temporary, introduced light with naturally occurring sources has allowed the artists to create textural, atmospheric images filled with depth and space. Their photographs will be displayed as a series of light box images arranged into a quadriptych in the Street Level Photoworks space. When seen together the artists hope to reveal a greater understanding of the islands stretching across the southern reaches of Loch Lomond and the topography of the Highland boundary fault line.

In the build up to this exhibition, NVA commissioned Street Level Photoworks to create the accompanying project, the Island Drift Engagement Programme, inviting primary school pupils from the Loch Lomond & The Trossachs area to explore experimental manual photography techniques such as slow shutter speed, painting with light, panoramas and depth of field, whose results were then exhibited at the Cashel Native Forest Centre earlier this year.

Island Drift, Street Level Photoworks, Sat 14 Nov–Sun 24 Jan.

NVA, James Johnson & Alan McAteer: Island Drift

Immersive photographic installation featuring images of the Trossachs National Park.

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