Ryan Seacrest's love diet

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  • 11 April 2008

Ryan Seacrest's love diet

Ryan Seacrest stopped eating to impress a girl.

The 'American Idol' presenter was bullied for being the chubby kid at school but decided to get in shape after he developed a crush on a blonde classmate.

He said: "I had no courage to ask her out. So I started throwing away my lunch - I had been eating two sandwiches.

"For three months, I'd only eat an orange or a grapefruit, depending on the day."

Now he is older, Seacrest admits his priorities have changed and he now puts work ahead of his personal life.

He explained to Details magazine: "I completely fell into a relationship and I didn't want to, I remember having conversations like, 'This is so weird for me, because I'm not supposed to like anyone until I've achieved what I want to achieved.' "

In fact, the 33-year-old star is such a workaholic his friends are worried he will never find the time to commit.

TV chat show host Ellen DeGeneres said: "He works too much, at the expense of his personal life. I'd love to see him meet a nice girl and settle down."

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